Bulgarian bag spin

Bulgarian Bag Spin

The Bulgarian Bag Spin is the most iconic Bulgarian bag exercise and something very unique to this training tool. If you haven’t done so already check out our 3-part spin prep movement series showing you how to break down the movement into smaller parts. This exercise is excellent for building explosive power, upper body strength…

Bulgarian Bag Slow Spin Transition

Bulgarian Bag Slow Spin Transition (Spin Prep #3)

The Bulgarian Bag Slow Spin Transition is the final prep movement in the series. The 1st prep exercise teaches you how to whip the leading hand over the top the head using a halo type movement. The 2nd prep exercise teaches you where the line the bag must travel through during the top of the…

Bulgarian Bag Side Swing To High Park

Bulgarian Bag Side Swing To High Park (Spin Prep #2)

The Bulgarian Bag Side Swing To High Park is the second prep movement in the series and teaches you the line the bag should travel through during the top of the movement. The main difference between this progression and the last is that with this movement the elbows finish high and the bag sits between…

Bulgarian bag Side Swing To Shoulder Park

Bulgarian Bag Side Swing To Shoulder Park (Spin Prep #1)

The Bulgarian Bag Side Swing To Shoulder Park is a preparation drill used to teach the spin. It’s a similar movement to the Lamb swing except instead of taking the bag from the floor, you perform a high swing. This movement will teach you how to correctly perform the ‘halo’ type movement of quickly whipping…

Bulgarian Bag Mills

Bulgarian Bag Mills

Bulgarian Bag Mills are my favourite Bulgarian bag exercise and are excellent for building explosive strength whilst being metabolically demanding. The exercise is quite similar to the side swipe except you complete the movement by casting the bag out to the opposite direction it came from.

Bulgarian Bag Lamb Swing

Bulgarian Bag Lamb Swing

The Bulgarian Bag Lamb Swing is a traditional Bulgarian bag exercise that takes the bag from the floor, just outside of the mid-line… and places it in the back position. The trick with this movement is to rotate the thoracic at the top of the upswing and to whip the leading hand quickly round the…

Bulgarian Bag Pivot Snatch

Bulgarian Bag Pivot Snatch

The Bulgarian Bag Pivot Snatch is a fun transverse plane movement the combines the snatch with slight hip rotation and foot pivot. This exercise will teach you balance, coordination and timing as is fantastic for developing rotational core strength, shoulder stability and upper body strength.

Bulgarian bag snatch and lunge

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Snatch & Lunge

The Bulgarian Bag Rotational Snatch & Lunge is a very tricky movement to get right and should only be attempted when you can perform both the snatch and the lunge with proficient technique. Break the movement down into two 1) The Snatch 2) The Lunge with the bag held overhead. Then, when you feel confident…

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Snatch

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Snatch

The Bulgarian Bag rotational snatch is all about timing. Punch vertically to early and the movement will resemble a press, punch vertically to late and the bag will slap the back of your wrists at the top of the movement. Practice this exercise with a lighter bag before to master the technique.

Bulgarian Bag Rotational High Pull

Bulgarian Bag Rotational High Pull

The Bulgarian Bag rotational high pull is similar to the sagittal plane high pull, but performed in the transverse plane (rotational). There are many similarities in technique, except with the transverse version there will be some thoracic rotation at the bottom of the swing. Stand with your feet close together to ensure there is enough…

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Press

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Press

The Bulgarian Bag Rotational Press is basically a shoulder press but with the extra movement of hip rotation with a pivot from the back foot. This rotation will engage the core differently and add a more athletic element to the traditional press.

Bulgarian Bag Walking Oblique Swing

Bulgarian Bag Walking Oblique Swing

The Bulgarian bag walking oblique swing is very similar to the rotational Bulgarian bag swing, but, with a small step. Try to keep the steps fairly small otherwise you will lose control of the bag as you step to far forward, this movement really isolates the hamstring on trailing leg.    

Bulgarian bag rotational swing

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Swings

The Bulgarian bag rotational swing aka shovelling swing is the transverse plane version of the traditional linear swing. The movement is quite similar but there is some thoracic rotation toward the bottom of the swing plus, you will need to keep your feet close together at hip width apart so the bag can swing outside…

Bulgarian bag Rotational Deadlift

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Deadlifts

The Bulgarian bag rotational deadlift is the same as the traditional linear deadlift… but in the transverse plane. This is an excellent movement for developing leg strength, rotational core strength and a powerful grip.

Bulgarian bag arm throw

Bulgarian Bag Arm Throw

The Bulgarian bag arm throw is a traditional Bulgarian bag movement. It’s an excellent full body exercise that will develop power, build rotational core strength, grip strength and leg strength.

Bulgarian Bag Lateral Lunge & Clean

Bulgarian Bag Lateral Lunge & Clean

The Bulgarian Bag lateral lunge and clean is a great frontal plane movement. Your legs get worked with the lateral lunge and the upper body is challenged through the clean.

Bulgarian bag side swipe

Bulgarian Bag Side Swipe

The Bulgarian bag side swipe is basically the same exercise as the sagittal plane Bulgarian bag swipe. However, the side swipe is performed in the frontal plane. The Bulgarian bag side swipe is a preparation movement for the Bulgarian bag mill.

Bulgarian bag 180's

Bulgarian Bag 180’s

The Bulgarian bag 180 is an exercise similar to the Bulgarian bag side clean, but… instead of finishing the movement at the bottom of the swing, complete a full half circle.

Bulgarian bag side clean

Bulgarian Bag Side Clean

One of the key benefits of the Bulgarian bag is it’s ability to move multi-planar. When performing the side clean be sure to charge your weight in the opposite direction to counter the weight of the bag as it moves laterally across the front of the body.

Bulgarian bag side swing squat

Bulgarian Bag Side Swing Squat

The Bulgarian bag side swing squat aka Bulgarian skier is the lateral version of the traditional Bulgarian bag swing squat. This exercise is fantastic for developing leg strength, building rotational/anti-rotational core strength… and creating shoulder stability.

Bulgarian bag side swing

Bulgarian Bag Side Swing

The Bulgarian bag side swing is the same as the swing, but performed laterally. There are 2 types of Bulgarian bag side swing. The High-to-high and the low-to-high, in the video above I’m demonstrating the low-to-high swing.

Bulgarian bag side-rockit

Bulgarian Bag Side Rock-It

The Bulgarian Bag side rock-it is a frontal plane movement that teaches you how to shift your body-weight laterally as the bag moves sideways passed the body.

Bulgarian bag walking spin

Bulgarian Bag Walking Spin

The Bulgarian Bag Walking Spin is essentially the spin but with a small step forward at the top of the movement. It’s an extremely tricky exercise to master so only attempt the Bulgarian Bag Walking Spin when you can perform the regular spin with proficient technique.

Bulgarian bag snatch

Bulgarian Bag Snatch

Only perform the Bulgarian bag snatch once you have mastered the high pull. The snatch is basically a higher high-pull with a punch upwards once the bag reaches the top of the head. Make sure you lock the elbows out overhead and keep your shoulders packed down. The microphone grip is the preferred way of…

Bulgarian bag snatch

Bulgarian Bag High Pull

The Bulgarian bag high-pull is a swing based exercise and is a movement that is important to the snatch. If you would like to be good at performing a snatch, first you must master the high-pull.

Bulgarian bag swipes

Bulgarian Bag Swipes

Bulgarian bag Swipes are a fantastic exercise that I took from heavy steel clubbell training. I prefer to perform Bulgarian bag swipes for high reps at the end of my workouts for  conditioning. This movement combines both the swing and the arm cast so challenges multiple muscles all at once.

Bulgarian bag clean & press

Bulgarian Bag Clean & Press

The Bulgarian bag clean and press is a combination lift that combines both the clean and the press. To perform this exercise with proficient technique you’ll need to follow the teaching cues for both exercises.

Bulgarian bag cleans

Bulgarian Bag Cleans

Bulgarian bag cleans are a dynamic movement that moves the Bulgarian bag from a pendulum swing into a rack position. So, before you can perform a clean you should be proficient in the rack position. Although the Bulgarian bag clean is a fairly simple exercise it can be a tough one to master.

Bulgarian Bag Swing Squats

Bulgarian Bag Swing Squat

The Bulgarian bag swing squat is a similar exercise to the swing, except as the bag reaches the top of the upswing you immediately drop into a squat. This movement is a great leg builder with the quads getting hit with the squat and hip dominant muscles getting worked with the swing.

bulgarian bag swings

Bulgarian Bag Swings

The Bulgarian bag swing is a similar movement to the kettlebell swing. This exercise can be used as an exercise to challenge the posterior chain, a transitional exercise or used within a combination lift or flow

Bulgarian bag front rock-it

Bulgarian Bag Front Rock-It

The Bulgarian bag front rock-it is a great exercise I learned with clubbell training. This movement teaches you how to move your body around the weight as a counter balance when swinging a heavy weight.

Bulgarian bag military press

Bulgarian Bag Military Press

The Bulgarian Bag military press is a great upper body strengthening exercise that will work the shoulders through the entire range of motion, builds shoulder stability whilst increasing overall core strength.


Bulgarian Bag Bent Over Rows

Bulgarian bags can be used in various ways for rowing type exercises depending on goals. If your goal is to build strong upper back muscles the main handles will allow you to lift a heavier weight. If your goal is to build pinch grip strength then use the side handles.

Bulgarian bag push ups

Bulgarian Bag Push Ups

Bulgarian bags are great for adding external weight to push ups as the crescent shaped bag contours the body perfectly with the straps being used to hold the bag in place. Normally to add extra resistance to push ups you would need to wear a weight vest or have a gym buddy place a weight…

Bulgarian bag lunges

Bulgarian Bag Lunges

Bulgarian bag Lunges are a fantastic unilateral exercise that will improve your balance and coordination. The Bulgarian bag can be held in multiple different positions which will all challenge the body very differently. Most beginners will actually find performing forward lunges more challenging than performing reverse lunges, so we always start with the latter.

Bulgarian bag good mornings

Bulgarian Bag Good Mornings

Bulgarian bag Good mornings are a great hip dominant exercise that challenges the posterior chain and most especially the hamstrings. Quite a similar exercise to the Romanian deadlift but because of the increased leverage of holding the load further away from the fulcrum (hips), far less weight is required as the weight will feel heavier.

Bulgarian bag deadlift

Bulgarian Bag Deadlift

Bulgarian Bag Deadlifts are a staple part of exercise program and is the technique we use for picking up the Bulgarian bag from the floor for many linear Bulgarian bag movements.

Bulgarian bag squats

Bulgarian Bag Squats

When performing Bulgarian Bag squats the bag can be held a number of ways, holding the bag differently will challenge the body in different ways. For example, placing the bag on one shoulder will unilaterally load the body whereas the headlock hold will target the arms. Try holding the Bulgarian bag in different holds to…

Traditional aqua BULGARIAN bag strength exercises

Bulgarian Hydro Bag Traditional Strength Exercises

The unique shape of the Bulgarian Hydro Bag is ideal for traditional strength training exercises like squats, lunges, squats and good mornings. The Bulgarian bag contours around the body perfectly making adding additional weight comfortable and easy. The bag also has various straps that can be used for pressing and pulling movements as well as…


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Spin

The Bulgarian Hydro bag spin is an excellent movement for building rotational core strength, shoulder strength, cardio conditioning as well as grip strength. You don’t get to rest with the Bulgarian bag spin which makes it very metabolically demanding and tough exercise to perform.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Side Clean

The Bulgarian Hydro Bag side clean is basically a clean, but it’s executed laterally in the frontal plane. This movement is great for building rotational core strength and is a useful preparation movement for some of the more complex Bulgarian bag exercises.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Squat & Lunge

The Bulgarian Hydro bag squat & lunge is a perfect example of how you can use the Bulgarian bag for regular strength training exercises. The crescent shape of the Bulgarian bag is ideal for wrapping around the shoulders to add additional resistance to body-weight movements.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Mills

Mills (milling) is a traditional club exercise but can also be performed with the Bulgarian Hydro Bag. This movement when performed with the Bulgarian bag is particularly fun because the bag moves so fast around the body it really challenges you to control and stabilise the movement, something that is made even harder with the…


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Lamb Swing

The Bulgarian Hydro Bag Lamb Swing is an excellent exercise for working the shoulder, arms, legs and core. The Bulgarian bag lamb swing exercise was originally developed in Bulgaria where shepherds would pick up small farm animals from the floor and carry them on their back when wandering with their herds.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Swing Squat

A similar exercise to the Bulgarian hydro bag front swing, but with the squat swing you immediately drop to a squat as you reach the top of the upswing. The Bulgarian bag swing squat is a great exercise for building leg strength with the hip dominant muscles getting worked during the hip hinge and quad…

Bulgarian bag training

Bulgarian Bag Exercise Progressions & Regressions

Simple To Complex When learning a new skill like Bulgarian bag training it’s important to start with simple movements before moving onto movements that require complex skills. A baby first learns how to crawl before learning how to walk, and so it is with Bulgarian bag training. Start with basic movements in the sagittal plane.…

bulgarian hydro bag

Hydro Bag Vs Bulgarian Bag

The Benefits Of Water Bag Training Water bags AKA Hydro bag / Aqua bag; harness the volatile, super reactive properties of water to create a uniquely challenging unstable strength training tool. IRT (Instability resistance training) develops stability from the floor up and is scientifically shown to improve core activation. No two repetitions ever feels the…

Bulgarian bag rack

How To Breath When Training With The Bulgarian Bag

Most strength movements require bio-mechanical breathing where inhaling is performed during the eccentric phase of a movement, and exhaling is performed during the concentric phase. For example, with a Bulgarian bag shoulder press you would inhale during the lowering phase and exhale during the lifting phase. For dynamic Bulgarian bag movements that involve spinning and…

bulgarian bag spin

Learning How To Perform The Bulgarian Bag Spin

The Bulgarian Bag Spin The spin is one of the fundamental Bulgarian bag exercises and something unique to this incredibly versatile training tool. This challenging movement is very dynamic in nature and will build rotational core strength, circular shoulder strength, grip strength whilst elevating the heart rate. The following exercises will give you a simple…

Bulgarian Water Bag

The Benefits Of Training With A Water Filled Bulgarian Bag

The Benefits Of Bulgarian Bag TrainingThe Benefits Of Water Bag TrainingPopular Water Bulgarian BagsThe ONNIT Hydro Core BagThe Dangerously Fit Aqua BagWater Bulgarian Bag Comparison DANGEROUSLY FIT HYDRO BAG2 x Webbing handles 2 x Padded side handles One way valve Water filling Weight: 1kg to 17kg Made from durable PVC Easily folded and packed into…