Bulgarian bag cleans

Bulgarian Bag Cleans

Bulgarian bag cleans are a dynamic movement that moves the Bulgarian bag from a pendulum swing into a rack position. So, before you can perform a clean you should be proficient in the rack position. Although the Bulgarian bag clean is a fairly simple exercise it can be a tough one to master.

Bulgarian Bag Swing Squats

Bulgarian Bag Swing Squat

The Bulgarian bag swing squat is a similar exercise to the swing, except as the bag reaches the top of the upswing you immediately drop into a squat. This movement is a great leg builder with the quads getting hit with the squat and hip dominant muscles getting worked with the swing.

bulgarian bag swings

Bulgarian Bag Swings

The Bulgarian bag swing is a similar movement to the kettlebell swing. This exercise can be used as an exercise to challenge the posterior chain, a transitional exercise or used within a combination lift or flow