Bulgarian Bag Rotational Press

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Press

The Bulgarian Bag Rotational Press is basically a shoulder press but with the extra movement of hip rotation with a pivot from the back foot. This rotation will engage the core differently and add a more athletic element to the traditional press.

Bulgarian Bag Walking Oblique Swing

Bulgarian Bag Walking Oblique Swing

The Bulgarian bag walking oblique swing is very similar to the rotational Bulgarian bag swing, but, with a small step. Try to keep the steps fairly small otherwise you will lose control of the bag as you step to far forward, this movement really isolates the hamstring on trailing leg.    

Bulgarian bag rotational swing

Bulgarian Bag Rotational Swings

The Bulgarian bag rotational swing aka shovelling swing is the transverse plane version of the traditional linear swing. The movement is quite similar but there is some thoracic rotation toward the bottom of the swing plus, you will need to keep your feet close together at hip width apart so the bag can swing outside…

Bulgarian bag side swipe

Bulgarian Bag Side Swipe

The Bulgarian bag side swipe is basically the same exercise as the sagittal plane Bulgarian bag swipe. However, the side swipe is performed in the frontal plane. The Bulgarian bag side swipe is a preparation movement for the Bulgarian bag mill.

Bulgarian bag side clean

Bulgarian Bag Side Clean

One of the key benefits of the Bulgarian bag is it’s ability to move multi-planar. When performing the side clean be sure to charge your weight in the opposite direction to counter the weight of the bag as it moves laterally across the front of the body.

Bulgarian bag side swing squat

Bulgarian Bag Side Swing Squat

The Bulgarian bag side swing squat aka Bulgarian skier is the lateral version of the traditional Bulgarian bag swing squat. This exercise is fantastic for developing leg strength, building rotational/anti-rotational core strength… and creating shoulder stability.

Bulgarian bag side swing

Bulgarian Bag Side Swing

The Bulgarian bag side swing is the same as the swing, but performed laterally. There are 2 types of Bulgarian bag side swing. The High-to-high and the low-to-high, in the video above I’m demonstrating the low-to-high swing.

Bulgarian bag walking spin

Bulgarian Bag Walking Spin

The Bulgarian Bag Walking Spin is essentially the spin but with a small step forward at the top of the movement. It’s an extremely tricky exercise to master so only attempt the Bulgarian Bag Walking Spin when you can perform the regular spin with proficient technique.