Bulgarian Bag Bent Over Rows

Bulgarian bags can be used in various ways for rowing type exercises depending on goals. If your goal is to build strong upper back muscles the main handles will allow you to lift a heavier weight. If your goal is to build pinch grip strength then use the side handles.

Bulgarian bag push ups

Bulgarian Bag Push Ups

Bulgarian bags are great for adding external weight to push ups as the crescent shaped bag contours the body perfectly with the straps being used to hold the bag in place. Normally to add extra resistance to push ups you would need to wear a weight vest or have a gym buddy place a weight…

Bulgarian bag lunges

Bulgarian Bag Lunges

Bulgarian bag Lunges are a fantastic unilateral exercise that will improve your balance and coordination. The Bulgarian bag can be held in multiple different positions which will all challenge the body very differently. Most beginners will actually find performing forward lunges more challenging than performing reverse lunges, so we always start with the latter.

Bulgarian bag good mornings

Bulgarian Bag Good Mornings

Bulgarian bag Good mornings are a great hip dominant exercise that challenges the posterior chain and most especially the hamstrings. Quite a similar exercise to the Romanian deadlift but because of the increased leverage of holding the load further away from the fulcrum (hips), far less weight is required as the weight will feel heavier.

Bulgarian bag squats

Bulgarian Bag Squats

When performing Bulgarian Bag squats the bag can be held a number of ways, holding the bag differently will challenge the body in different ways. For example, placing the bag on one shoulder will unilaterally load the body whereas the headlock hold will target the arms. Try holding the Bulgarian bag in different holds to…