Bulgarian Bag Exercise Progressions & Regressions

Simple To Complex

When learning a new skill like Bulgarian bag training it’s important to start with simple movements before moving onto movements that require complex skills.

A baby first learns how to crawl before learning how to walk, and so it is with Bulgarian bag training.

Start with basic movements in the sagittal plane.

Then, once you’re comfortable with moving bags through the sagittal plane you can move onto exercises that are in the frontal plane and transverse plane.

Progressions & Regressions

Here are the progressions for the Bulgarian bag, only move onto the next progression when you can perform a movement with proficient technique. Regress the movement if required.

Sagittal Plane Movements
Learn the movement in the sagittal plane initially until you can perform the movement with good technique. Example: Swing

Frontal Plane Movements
Once you can perform the movement in the sagittal plane, take it one step further and move into the frontal place. Example: Side Swing

Transverse Plane Movements
Don’t move into the transverse plane until you can perform the exercise with proficient technique in the frontal plane. Example: Rotational Swing

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