What Is A Bulgarian Bag?

Developed by Ivan Ivanov, a former USA Olympic Wrestling Team coach, the Bulgarian bag is a very unique strength and conditioning tool.

Essentially, it’s a crescent shaped bag filled with sand and made from leather or canvas with a variety of holding handles.

The main handles taper out from the bag and are used for swinging and spinning movements.

The front and side handles are mostly used to build grip strength and perform pressing and pulling exercises.

Lastly, the straps which attach to the main handles are used to assist gripping when holding onto the main handles during swinging and spinning movements.

The shape of the bag and it’s handles allow the user to easily swing, rotate and lift through various movement patterns. It can also be gripped, grabbed, dragged and grappled in an almost unlimited number of drills and exercises making the Bulgarian bag an extremely versatile and useful piece of kit.

The crescent shape contours the body perfectly making traditional strength training movements like squats, lunges and good mornings comfortable to perform.

The Anatomy Of A Bulgarian Bag

anatomy of a bulgarian bag

The History Of Bulgarian Bag Training

The Bulgarian Bag…