Hydro Bag Vs Bulgarian Bag

bulgarian hydro bag

The Benefits Of Water Bag Training

Water bags AKA Hydro bag / Aqua bag; harness the volatile, super reactive properties of water to create a uniquely challenging unstable strength training tool.

IRT (Instability resistance training) develops stability from the floor up and is scientifically shown to improve core activation.

No two repetitions ever feels the same and every muscle in the body is forced to activate in order to control, stabilize and ultimately move the constant unpredictable movement of water.

Utilizing the volatile properties of water improve muscle recruitment, increase motor control and builds head to toe full-body stabilization.

Pressing, pulling, swinging and spinning the bag forces the body to continually react to the shifting weight creating a training experience like no other training tool.

The Benefits Of Bulgarian Bag Training

The Bulgarian bag is a highly versatile tool that can be thrown, swung, spun, pressed, pulled and lifted in all planes of motion.

The shape of the bag lends itself perfectly for spinning and swinging movements building rotational strength (torque) whilst developing explosive power, full body strength and an iron grip.

The bag can also be used to add additional weight to traditional strength exercises like squat, lunges and push ups with the crescent shape comfortably fitting around the shoulders.

The bag is also user friendly and suitable for beginners and advanced users alike, the soft leather/canvas bag is filled with sand making complex Olympic style lifts more forgiving than a barbell or kettlebell.

Originally developed to condition elite wrestlers the Bulgarian bag is a fantastic tool to enhance athletic performance; accelerating and decelerating the bag through rotation, flexion and extension will greatly benefit many sports.

These benefits can also be carried over to the general public with many personal trainers utilising the Bulgarian bag for fun fat-burning metabolic workouts.


The Hydro Bag

The Bulgarian Hydro Bag combines the versatility of the Bulgarian Bag with the dynamic unpredictable force of water to develop strength, full-body stability and explosiveness.

Train indoors without damaging your floors or simply fold up and take it with you wherever you go, train anywhere – anytime!

The Bulgarian Hydro Bag is user-friendly on the chest, wrists and shoulders making exercises performed in the shoulder rack and front rack comfortable.

The bag itself is made from durable PVC, with two webbing straps for swinging exercises and two padded handles on top for pressing and pulling movements.

It even comes with a handy pump to re-inflate, just add water and air and you’re all set for a killer workout!

Hydro Bag Vs Bulgarian Bag Comparison

2 x Webbing handles
2 x Padded side handles
One way valve
Water filling
Weight: 1kg to 17kg
Made from durable PVC
Easily folded and packed into luggage
Free air pump included
2 x Main handles
3 x Side handles
2 x Straps
Sand filling
Thumb crease
Weight: 5kg to 30kg
Made from rip-resistant vinyl
Colour coded

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