7 Biggest Benefits Of Bulgarian Bag Training

  • Strength & Explosiveness
  • Versatility
  • Multi-planar Movement
  • Grip Strength
  • User Friendly & Easily Transportable
  • Sport Specific Training

Strength & Explosiveness

The Bulgarian Bag will move around your body faster than any other training tool ensuring a completely different training experience that is challenging but fun!

Concentrating on accelerating and decelerating the Bulgarian Bag through large swinging, spinning and rotating movements will target the entire body.

Or you can choose to target specific body parts like chest, back, shoulders and legs with traditional push/pull exercises.


Grab, grapple, throw, swing, press, pull and carry the Bulgarian Bag in an almost unlimited number of ways.

The design of the bag allows the user to swing, spin, throw and lift, plus, the crescent shape contours the body perfectly for traditional strength exercises like good mornings, lunges and squats.

The different types of handles allow for different grips providing an unparalleled amount of variety to your training. The handles on the front and side are excellent for controlled, resistance-based exercises. Gripping the Bulgarian bag main handles allows you to swing, spin and rotate during explosive movements.

Multi-Planar Movement

A unique aspect of the Bulgarian Bag is it’s ability to be swung with resistance in every direction through multiple planes of motion. This is something that separates the Bulgarian Bag from most of training implements and makes it very useful for functional strength and conditioning.

Grip Strength

Grip strength is one of the most overlooked aspects of many strength training programs and a weak grip will put you at a severe disadvantage in many sports as well as in every day life.

Unlike dumbbells, barbells and kettlebells that have a conventional handle that rests on the skeletal structure (pulls against the fingers or rests in the heel of the hand). When lifting or swinging the Bulgarian Bag users have to actively engage the forearm flexors to grip the handles as it tries to pull through the fingers.

The Bulgarian bag is one of the few training tools that will train all 3 types of grip strength; (1) Crush, (2) Pinch, (3) Wrist.

User Friendly & Easily Transportable

Made from leather or canvas and filled with sand, the Bulgarian Bag is very user-friendly and suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Complex barbell exercises that require much coaching can be performed far easier with a Bulgarian Bag. They are fairly cheap to purchase, require no specialized equipment and are very safe. Use it at home without damaging the floors (or your feet) or take it with you to the park or beach for an awesome workout!

Sport Specific Training

The Bulgarian Bag is a very effective training tool for a myriad of sports.

Athletes that need a strong grip, strong durable mobile shoulders, a powerful core through rotation and anti-rotation, and greater endurance will benefit hugely with Bulgarian Bag training.

These sports include but are not limited to; Martial arts, rugby, cricket, golf, hockey, tennis and baseball.

The benefits can also be seen in the average personal training client, as training the entire body as one unit can improve functional strength, aid fat loss by increasing the metabolic rate and increase lean muscle mass by working large muscle groups under resistance.

Endurance and Metabolic Conditioning