The Bulgarian Hydro Bag combines the versatility of the Bulgarian Bag with the dynamic unpredictable force of water to develop strength, full-body stability and explosiveness.

Train indoors without damaging your floors or simply fold up and take it with you wherever you go, train anywhere – anytime!

The Bulgarian Hydro Bag is user-friendly on the chest, wrists and shoulders making exercises performed in the shoulder rack and front rack comfortable.

The bag itself is made from durable PVC, with two webbing straps for swinging exercises and two padded handles on top for pressing and pulling movements.

It even comes with a handy pump to re-inflate, just add water and air and you’re all set for a killer workout!

Bulgarian Hydro Bag Design Specifications

  • Fills to 17kg
  • Size: L = 72cm x H = 43cm x W = 20cm
  • Made from durable PVC
  • Black padded handles, webbing straps and transparent body
  • Weighs only 940 grams
  • Easily folded and packed into luggage
  • Free air pump included