Benefits Of Power Bag Training

Powerbag and Core bag training differ from traditional strength training tools like dumbbells and barbells because they can be used to shoulder the weight unilaterally. This style of training carries over into real world strength because everyday activities like carrying a young child or bag of groceries challenges the body to work unilaterally.

Sometimes we avoid some beneficial barbell exercises like the Olympic lifts because of their complexity and the amount of time it takes to coach.

Complex barbell exercises that require much coaching and explosive exercises that will challenge your stability and core can be performed far easier with a Powerbag.

Powerbags can be dragged, thrown and carried which is very beneficial for wrestlers, rugby players and people looking for a challenging workout.

They are are relatively cheap to purchase, require no specialized equipment, are easy to learn and are very safe. They can also be applied to a very large demographic without concern for safety or previous lifting experience.