Bulgarian Hydro Bag Spin

The Bulgarian Hydro bag spin is an excellent movement for building rotational core strength, shoulder strength, cardio conditioning as well as grip strength. You don’t get to rest with the Bulgarian bag spin which makes it very metabolically demanding and tough exercise to perform.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Side Clean

The Bulgarian Hydro Bag side clean is basically a clean, but it’s executed laterally in the frontal plane. This movement is great for building rotational core strength and is a useful preparation movement for some of the more complex Bulgarian bag exercises.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Squat & Lunge

The Bulgarian Hydro bag squat & lunge is a perfect example of how you can use the Bulgarian bag for regular strength training exercises. The crescent shape of the Bulgarian bag is ideal for wrapping around the shoulders to add additional resistance to body-weight movements.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Mills

Mills (milling) is a traditional club exercise but can also be performed with the Bulgarian Hydro Bag. This movement when performed with the Bulgarian bag is particularly fun because the bag moves so fast around the body it really challenges you to control and stabilise the movement, something that is made even harder with the…


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Lamb Swing

The Bulgarian Hydro Bag Lamb Swing is an excellent exercise for working the shoulder, arms, legs and core. The Bulgarian bag lamb swing exercise was originally developed in Bulgaria where shepherds would pick up small farm animals from the floor and carry them on their back when wandering with their herds.


Bulgarian Hydro Bag Swing Squat

A similar exercise to the Bulgarian hydro bag front swing, but with the squat swing you immediately drop to a squat as you reach the top of the upswing. The Bulgarian bag swing squat is a great exercise for building leg strength with the hip dominant muscles getting worked during the hip hinge and quad…

Bulgarian bag training

Bulgarian Bag Exercise Progressions & Regressions

Simple To Complex When learning a new skill like Bulgarian bag training it’s important to start with simple movements before moving onto movements that require complex skills. A baby first learns how to crawl before learning how to walk, and so it is with Bulgarian bag training. Start with basic movements in the sagittal plane.…

bulgarian hydro bag

Hydro Bag Vs Bulgarian Bag

The Benefits Of Water Bag Training Water bags AKA Hydro bag / Aqua bag; harness the volatile, super reactive properties of water to create a uniquely challenging unstable strength training tool. IRT (Instability resistance training) develops stability from the floor up and is scientifically shown to improve core activation. No two repetitions ever feels the…

Bulgarian bag rack

How To Breath When Training With The Bulgarian Bag

Most strength movements require bio-mechanical breathing where inhaling is performed during the eccentric phase of a movement, and exhaling is performed during the concentric phase. For example, with a Bulgarian bag shoulder press you would inhale during the lowering phase and exhale during the lifting phase. For dynamic Bulgarian bag movements that involve spinning and…

bulgarian bag spin

Learning How To Perform The Bulgarian Bag Spin

The Bulgarian Bag Spin The spin is one of the fundamental Bulgarian bag exercises and something unique to this incredibly versatile training tool. This challenging movement is very dynamic in nature and will build rotational core strength, circular shoulder strength, grip strength whilst elevating the heart rate. The following exercises will give you a simple…